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What is the educational voucher?

The customer advisers agencies for work and the job centre can issue since the 1/1/2003 for receivers of unemployment benefit I and since the 1/1/2005 for ALG II receivers educational vouchers. The educational voucher notes. the educational aim, the necessary continuing education duration, the regional area of application and the period of validity from maximum three months. In this time the educational voucher must be redeemed by the entitled to draw with a continuing education bearer of his choice. Because your service provider makes the decision on your continuing education, discuss your continuing education wish with your customer adviser at the agency for work or the job centre.

From whom do I get the educational voucher?

If you state achievements cover, get the educational voucher personally from your customer adviser issued. Before he leads with you a consultation in which is cleared, how high the likelyhood is that you find work after successful conclusion of the continuing education.

Where do I redeem the educational voucher?

with the preservation of the educational voucher it is confirmed to you that the assumption of costs of the continuing education is covered by the agency for work or the job centre. This continuing education must be recognised after the third social code (§85 SGB III). You can redeem the educational voucher with approved bearers of the professional continuing education freely eligible. The educational voucher satisfactory by the educational bearer must be submitted before the beginning of the continuing education at the agency for work or the job centre.

Where do I receive information about to SGB II / III approved continuing education offers?

continuing education bearer and her respective continuing education offers must be certificated to AZAV. The academy of professional continuing education is since 2010 a certificated cooperation partner of the agency for work and the job centre and therefore the ideal contact for your professional future.

Who gets an educational voucher?

The agency for work or the job centre issue to you an educational voucher if you are jobless or are threatened by unemployment and fulfil suitable conditions. For this it is necessary that your customer adviser recognises the need of a professional continuing education.

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